Sunbeam Nationals Meeting 2019

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The 2019 Sunbeam National meeting held at Hahndorf was a great success;

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2015 Sunbeam Car Club National Meeting
The weekend (after much car preparation and packing) started on Friday 18th September. Debbie did the driving due to my right foot still convalescing in a moon boot. We traveled to Birdwood to meet up with Paul Yates who had organized, Family Scholz, Peter Fuss and John Bertram our New Zealand guest to meet and then travel together. There was a small line up of Sunbeam's briefly at the entrance of the Birdwood Museum prior to departure.
We stayed together for the trip passing through Mt Pleasant, Sedan and crossing the Murray via a ferry laden with Sunbeams and the two moderns in our contingent.
Arrival at Loxton was a happy one without events along the way. We were greeted by the executive committee who were already working to make the weekend as smooth as possible for all the arriving entrants. Debbie and I found our room was much to our liking and we were instantly greeted by our NSW neighbors Debbie and Roger. Most of the arrivers at this point had one thing in mind and that was to debug their cars before they dried and glued to their cars. Thanks to the Loxton local Deb Ebert who provided the car washing facility across the road.
Before we knew it we were heading to main dining area to meet, drink and eat. Wayne performed his opening address formalities. Dinner was a variety of roast meat with veggies and or salad. Instructions were outlined for the events of the next day.
Morning of Saturday was foggy and the cars woke up to being laden with dew. I gave ours a quick wipe and then off to breakfast to beat the crowd so I could prepare with Warwick to assemble the cars for the display/judging. Paul Yeates and Peter Fuss beat us by starting early. It was good thinking by them, getting their cars in position early and  then having a leisurely breakfast.
Entrants had listened well to instructions the night before and were assembled  before 9am. Rob Tavener, his good friend Frazer and a new member Damien Grant (now the proud owner of Taffy's car) all making the effort to travel up from Adelaide for the day.

The committee had arranged Rob Drogemuller and Peter Hardwick from the Riverland Car Club to independently judge the cars. Warwick worked to entertain our judges while they got on to the serious job assessing the cars. The viewing public were able to join in and vote for the peoples choice award. Thanks to Rob his wife Margaret and Peter for making their time available to the Sunbeam Club.

Download the list of trophy winners.

Download the results of the Inter-club Perpetual Shield.

With a little free time a number of venues were suggested to do the tourist thing before most of the contingent  traveled to Renmark to boat it up and down the Murray on the PS Industry, paddle steamer. The afternoon was filled with river information and the consumption of scones, jam and cream. This afternoon is the quintessential reason anyone should join in and be a club Nationals participant. The trip for Debbie and I (relatively new to the club) was an enjoyable way to share conversation and meet with fellow members.
Next we traveled back to Loxton to get ready for the Saturday night dinner/dance. A large contingent walked down the street to the local club to dine and be entertained by the band. The band started out louder than expected but with a song set that I thought was appropriate for the age group in attendance. First to dance was our NSW neighbors Debbie and Roger showing us how it should be done. The night carried on with band playing at a suitable volume, with dinner served and people continually enjoying the dancing. Energies eventually waned and the group headed back for a good nights sleep ready for Sunday.
Sunday breakfast for me was a little more relaxed. We traveled to Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery lead by Cathy Woods and Chris Howes. On the way we had our breakdown, sort of. The Durham’s lost a blade to their radiator cooling fan. Luckily it did not fly up and damage the bonnet. But with club members help the opposite blade was removed to create a more balanced fan for the rest of the trip. Without saying the obvious the beer was good, lemonade was strong and company was pleasant, a tasty lunch was provided by our hotel.
We were introduced to the history of the station by the current family and were invited to investigate the surrounding grounds and buildings. Our afternoon trip home included a visit to the nearby lookout tower with a specky view up and down the Murray. After that was a visit to the never to be missed Cammies Antique store at Paringa. Probably not surprising was the number of entrants that stopped for a look, so many old curios to view.
Sunday night wound up with another delightful night of dinner and awards. South Australian winners Judy and Warren Lewis with overall judged best car and peoples choice. Jan and Ken Woodman for their Mark Alpine category win. Special mention is Damien Grant taking out the best pre-1958 Sunbeam award. Congratulations to our interstate winners as well. We also had entrants from North America, of interest was Tom who won one Warren's special awards for owning a Tiger from new, 47 years in total, well done Tom!
Monday comes after Sunday and it was the time to head home. Breakfast was comfortable for me but the committee was still very busy in winding up the weekend. I thank all of the executive committee for their committed time and efforts for without it the weekend would not have been as much fun or as successful.
….........................a week later and we were ready again. This time to meet on the morning of Sunday the 27th for the Bay to Birdwood. Chris Howes organized for us to meet really early at West Beach Surf Life Saving Club. Then it was on to the start all as one group which included our interstate visitors. The group was assembled together and parked at West Beach ready for the drive to Birdwood.
The rally this year for me was different as I usually drive. I was able to appreciate the views and join in waving to the crowd. The weather had started to warm up which nicely accommodated the leisurely drive.
Because this is our story the events that follow are all about Debbie and I. We entered the Fashion on the Field. Of course it was the sixties division and luckily we were short listed. We were then invited to the stage for further judging. The crowd applause was used to decide the winner, it was judged our way, which was nice winning a bag goodies and bouquet of flowers. I think we were able to win because of Debbie's Crimplene suit and matching accessories display, of which I am sure made the greatest impression with the voting crowd.
John with editing and embellishing by Debbie.
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